Our advanced Optel Vision serialized supply chain safeguards your pharmaceutical product.

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Serialization Expertise

Unit-level serialization

While regulatory compliance is a major driver for serialization projects, breaches to the Pharmaceutical Supply Chain distribution system are also a concern, as they can pose health risks to patients and financial risks to the supply chain stakeholders. At Bellwyck, our holistic and comprehensive approach to serialization ensures these risks will be mitigated and will maximize your value. We have partnered with industry leader Optel Vision to provide you with a flexible serialization solution that can meet a wide range of requirements.

Our comprehensive approach to serialization

We have developed enterprise-wide strategies to address patient safety, brand protection and supply-chain operations. We recognize that individual drivers, such as country-specific regulatory requirements, may drive local requirements and timing, but the overall adoption of serialization is strategic to the enterprise.

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Safeguard your product

Quality control sampling, packaging rework, central packaging and palletizing is reengineered to uniquely identify packages and associate serial number information to shipments, which will create value beyond regulatory drivers. By addressing serialization with an enterprise-wide cross-functional team during planning, deployment, and operation, we maximize the value we offer our clients.

Pharmaceutical product integrity

Real-time coordination of multiple high-speed processes, involving printers, cameras, readers and other intelligence devices, is necessary to maintain control of serialization. We understand that the integrity of these numbers and their association to physical products is absolutely critical to the success of serialization.


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