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Primary Packaging

Comprehensive primary packaging

From sourcing materials to designing sustainable structures to protect and preserve the shelf life of your product, our experts incorporate Package Smart™ solutions to bring your product to market.

Our primary packaging services include:
• Blistering
• Bottling
• Pouching
• Over-encapsulation


We utilize Klockner CP2L and CP3 machines which can produce thermal or cold-form blisters and incorporate color vision systems that can detect missing, duplicate, broken or color variation in drug products. Each machine also has HAPA UV printers for high-quality print clarity (for example, can print a static 2D bar code onto a blister). A variety of barrier films and cold-form foils may be employed to protect the integrity of the product.

Our packaging experts deliver customized, flexible and efficient solutions.
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We have the ability to bottle your product in a full range of sizes and configurations as well as the capability to incorporate cotton insertion, induction sealing, neck banding, child-resistant capping and flip top cap styles. Our bottling line uses electronic tablet counters made by Pallay Pack Filler in two 12-lane fillers. Our validated bottle size range goes from 45cc to 950cc and can run both round and oblong bottles as well as fill both HDPR and glass bottles.


Our solid dose pouching capabilities include a full range of sizes and configurations. Features of this equipment include a thermal transfer coder, print-registration system and fill verification system (optical and physical).


With Package Smart™ we focus on your product and timeline by customizing a fast track solution. Bellwyck has a proven track record and industry expertise.

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“Our Perindopril launch went as planned and it would not have been possible without your support and great collaboration. The contribution of your team makes our work easier and we greatly appreciate it!”

- Pharmascience