Benefits of Conducting Your Clinical Trial in Canada

There are many advantages for companies that are based in the United States and Europe that are looking to bring their clinical trials to Canada. Not only does Canada have high-quality clinical trial sites and many experienced investigators, but it can also often be more economical than the U.S. or many European countries.

According to the Canadian Clinical Trials Coordinating Centre (CCTCC), the world’s top 10 pharmaceutical companies regularly conduct clinical trials in Canada. Here’s why you should too.

What makes Canada different:

Its reputation in clinical research. Canada is consistently ranked high (among the top 5 countries globally) in terms of its reputation in clinical medicine, biomedicine and science technology.

The universal health-care system provides advantages. This means sponsors have better access to patients and health data. It also means patients receive high-quality care throughout the process — before, during and after a clinical trial — most sponsors are able to learn more and conduct a trial more efficiently.

Its population is diverse. According to a PEW Research report, Canada was the only western country to break into the top 20 most diverse countries in the world. This diversity provides sponsors with the opportunity to evaluate the efficacy and safety of proposed new treatments on patients from various ethnic backgrounds. It’s patient population also believes in the importance of health and medical research. According to the CCTCC, 90 percent of Canadians say research makes an important contribution to health care.

The clinical trial application process is fast. Health Canada, the Federal department responsible for helping Canadians maintain and improve their health, has worked to streamline operations to provide quick turnaround times (typically within 30 days) on clinical trial applications which is much faster than most other countries that can take 60 days or longer. Patient enrollment is also fast. The average time from trial set-up to first patient/first visit is three months.

Clinical trial sites are accessible. Seventy-eight percent of Canadians live within 100 miles of the U.S. border and there are strong clinical trial capabilities in all provinces.

It’s cost-effective. According to CCTCC, Canada is the lowest of the G7 for overall clinical trial costs, specifically when it comes to the management, design, and coordination of trials. From highest cost to lowest, countries are ranked as follows: U.S., Germany, Japan, UK, Italy, France, Canada.

But, getting drug approval is a complicated process in any country and the road to success is crowded with competition vying to get to market first. There are currently (as of publication) almost 6,000 clinical trials in process in Canada alone, according to If you are a U.S. or European manufacturer, time is a luxury you just don’t have. You need an expert who understands how to take advantage of conducting your trial in Canada.

Bellwyck’s Canadian depot will save you time and money

Bellwyck has facilities in the U.S., Canada and Europe, which allows us to perform labeling, storage and distribution services in the country that is closer in proximity to the bulk manufacture location or the clinical trial sites. We’ll serve as your trusted partner throughout the process.

As you begin the pre-planning phase to conduct your trial in Canada, keep these advantages in mind when considering working with a Canadian depot vs a U.S. or European-based depot.

You’ll see cross-border savings

You’ll have less distribution and project management cost when not having to cross borders to import into Canada and you’ll eliminate the potential delays with customs and/or importation issues.

You’ll experience far less delays

Same day or next day shipping is possible when working through our Canadian depot — no crossing the border or passing through customs which can potentially lengthen transit times and slow down the process entirely. Faster delivery windows also help prevent temperature excursions because the drug will spend less time in transit.

You’ll have more control over returns and destruction

When your study is over and your Canadian clinical study drugs must be destroyed, you can ship them across the border, or you can take care of it at Bellwyck’s Canadian depot. Why pay international shipping costs for waste if you don’t have to? By eliminating any export distribution costs, you’ll save time and money and enjoy the convenience of returning and destroying your product in the same country.

You’ll save with reusable packaging

Unlike clients who ship internationally, you can take advantage of a Crēdo™ Cube reusable shipper program. Crossing the border twice (for the trial and then to return the container) with this cold chain packaging solution is much more costly than simply recycling within the same country. And, of course, recycling helps reduce waste and positively impacts the environment.

You’ll be close to your Canadian compliance team

Our Canadian compliance team knows the ins and outs of Canadian regulations and works closely with Health Canada to guide clients on how to stay complaint.

Once you’ve made the decision to conduct a trial in Canada, using Bellwyck’s Canadian depot will give you the flexibility and advantage you need to navigate the system quickly, save time and money throughout the process to set up your trial for success. Our Canadian team is ready to understand your needs and get started today.

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